Educational Articles

This page features a variety of educational articles designed to help international English Learners to develop and improve their skills in the English Learners. These articles include guides to learning English as well as succeeding as an English Learner. Each article features an audio player with audio recordings read at a slower pace, so that English Learners can read along and pronounce in addition to building reading and listening comprehension skills. Here you will learn how to learn American English more effectively and stress-free, get motivation on the importance of learning American English, how to succeed in online American English courses, as well as how to benefit best from working with an American English teacher.

  1. How to Defeat the Curse of the English Language: A Comprehensive Guide to mastering American English online
  2. Learning American English Can Help You Succeed in Life!
  3. Ways to Use Online Courses For English Learning Success!
  4. The Power of Online Courses to Improve English Skills
  5. How to Learn American English with a Teacher: Everything You need to know to get started
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